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1538 Grimes Ave

Modesto, CA 95358

President's Message

On March 19, 2014, we were finally given the green light to start construction on the Sala Chhan (Worship Hall) by Stanislaus County and the city of Modesto Building Department. It has been a long and difficult path getting this far. Now, it's our time to roll up our sleeves, put our best foot forward, and grab a shovel to start building. Constructing the Sala Chhan will make our Community stronger, improve our quality of life, and help to preserve our heritage and culture for generations to come. It's our opportunity to showcase our mission, goals, and to make our project a positive community asset. We need all members to unite as one and contribute to this great cause. The next step is to continue fundraising to meet our goals for the construction.  Through social gatherings, our commitment to preserving our culture, and dedication we can achieve. Building the Sala Chhan will bring unimaginable blessings and amazing results to our Cambodian community. Once completed we can showcase to the entire community our greatest achievement, our dream of improving our lives.

Thank you to all that have got us this far, our past presidents, sub-committees, monks, and

congregation. Let's take this journey together.


Dr. Van Prom