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1538 Grimes Ave

Modesto, CA 95358

Our Mission Statement

The Modesto Cambodian Buddhist Society Inc. serves multiple functions.  Firstly, the MCBS is a cultural, spiritual and religious center not only for the Cambodians, but for all others who sought out to better understand Buddhism and Cambodian culture. It is true that we do not have to go the temple or belong to a Buddhist group to be good Buddhists, but doing so gives us a powerful sense of purpose, unity along with spiritual refuge. In essence, we feel belonged and protected by the guiding principles of the Buddha's teaching that stresses the importance of patience, generosity, mindfulness, introspection, non-violence, discipline, good will, community service, respect, responsibility, reciprocity, gratitude, ethical conduct, and trust.

Secondly, all Cambodian cultural festivities as well as some funeral services take place at MCBS. There will not be any private celebration such as birthday party or wedding taking place at our site. Some of the Cambodians' important festivities are the Cambodian New Year, the Ancestors' honoring, and the Vesak which denotes the birthday, death day, and enlightenment of Lord Buddha. All three events took place in the month of Vesak, May.

Furthermore, in addition to being members of the Cambodian community, we also want to be a part of the larger Stanislaus Community services to better help serve the Stanislaus County. The local schools, colleges and universities would have easy access to first hand learning and information on Buddhism, the cultural and spiritual practice of the Cambodians.

Moreover, the Cambodian elders can find refuge and peace offered at the MCBS's Sangha community instead of being isolated at home; go to group homes or other civic centers where they don't understand the language or culture. Thus, the MCBS helps lessen the burden and allow their adult children to work for a living and give back to society without worries.

Next, MCBS provides opportunity for troubled Cambodian youths to rehabilitate themselves through volunteer works. This is important because most of these youths lack role models or proper supervisions at home as their parents are often preoccupied with their own traumatic past. Also, cultural and language barrier are often the culprits behind troubled Cambodians parent-child relationships.

Last but not least, MCBS also serves as a conduit of communication for the generation gap between the Cambodian born parents and their American born Cambodian children. Through proper facilitation done either by the monks, elders, Ajars, or volunteer professionals, children can feel a sense of pride and belonging while their parents feel empowered and acknowledged. This is one way to prevents young Cambodians from joining antisocial activities or groups while their parents feel they have control over their families.