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1538 Grimes Ave

Modesto, CA 95358

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The Wat Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc., amended to Modesto Cambodian Buddhist Society, Inc. in 2003 (MCBS), locates on a 12.25 acres lot on 1528 and 1538 Grimes Avenue in Modesto, California. in addition to being home to the Gallo Winery and the creator of Star Wars, GeorgeWorship Hall Lucas, Modesto is home to approximately 4,000 Cambodians. While some have faith in other religions, most Cambodians are still Buddhists. In an attempt to better serve the growing Cambodian Buddhists as well as those who sought out to understand Buddhism in Stanislaus County, the MCBS Board made a decision to relocate the temple from a 0.83 acre on a crowded residential area on Paradise Road to the current location on June 1, 2008. The proposed and approved buildings in the new temple include a worship hall, two monk living quarters, two storage houses, one school building, an athletic field, spacious parking lot and a meditating garden. Currently, due to inadequate funding, the temple is at its earliest inception. No formal services can be provided at this time. It is hopeful that enough money via generous donation would be generated to start constructing these buildings.

Worship Hall

Worship hall Model

Buddha Garden Flag & Fountain

Buddha Garden

Flag & Fountain

Athletic field

Drainage basin/Pond

Worship Hall

Parking lot

Entrance and Exit   (Two-Way Road)

Mobile Home


Monk living quarter

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Grimes Ave

Property line

Modesto Cambodian Buddhist Society locates on a 12.25 acres lot on Grimes Avenue in Modesto, California (U.S.A)

Parking lot

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